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Welcome to Phoenix Dental Academy 

Our academy is dedicated to excellence in all area of Dentistry and our aim is to inspire you to be the best you can be.

Our tutors are among the most experienced and knowledgeable and have been teaching ORE and LDS for over 8 years. Our courses have been developed not over months but over years. They are the best of the best.

We believe in forward thinking and in providing education to help you not only pass exams but also contribute positively to your future.

We will support you throughout your journey till you pass your exams and further, for PLVE and job opportunities.

Phoenix Dental Academy excells
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Happy Customers

Cynthia Nunes

I attended my ORE part 2 course and had the pleasure to learn from Dr. Anita Pradhan. She is very approachable and breaks things down so they are easy and retainable. Needles to say, I cleared my part 2 in the first attempt. Definitely recommend Anita to anyone who wants to attempt ORE and be confident for their exams!

Sherif Hassan

I highly recommend this course for anyone trying to pass ORE. In my personal experience i was lucky enough to pass straight away with the help and guidance of Anita. She was always there throughout the entire course of my studies and even after passing, its not only about turning over students for her. She is highly committed to everyone like no one else i met on my ORE journey. Anita is friendly and very approachable and she knows all the ins and outs of the exam process as well as the dental industry in the UK, having her on your side is extremely valuable

Dr. Meenakshi Ray

Phoenix dental academy has been very helpful for MFDS material and coursework. I managed to pass MFDS part 1 all thanks to their team, with special thanks to Dr. Anita who had been with me every step of the way. Their CPD courses are also highly recommended! Thank you for everything!

Omar Ragab

I would like to talk about my experience, about ore i finished all 2 parts in around 6 monthsafter I passed part 1 in July 2019, I attended part 2 course with Anita Pradhan in October 2019, she is really talented and is expert in delivering information and giving all tips and tricks for the manikin course, and the mock exams were extremely helpful, I was able to book part 2 exam in Jan 2020 and in the meantime I was practising and asking here for the feedback which helped me alot. I arrived to UK 10 days before the exam and again took revision and mock exams with her that made me more confident int the exam as I did not have enough time to practice before the exam. I would like to thank here for here great help that I could not have passed this exam without her help. Thanks alot Anita

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